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Karen About Economic Development - Jobs

The budget deficit can only be addressed through the expansion of businesses in our city--strong, reputable businesses. My administration will: 1) seek to attract the best and the brightest, 2) create an environment that facilitates investment and 3) promote responsible corporate partnership.


Karen About Education

The Mayor has a responsibility to use her influence to ensure access to a world class education.
With advances in technology, this is not only achievable but a requirement in an increasingly competitive world. My administration will work with leaders in all Gary schools and universities to promote a learning environment that supports student achievement, instructional excellence, a diverse student body and parental and community participation.


Karen About Public Safety

Every citizen has the right to live in a safe and secure city. Public safety must be protected! My administration will ensure public safety by equipping local police and fire personnel with the appropriate resources in order to create a hostile environment for criminals and provide support and rehabilitation for those who express a sincere desire to become productive citizens.


Karen About Accountability and Ethics

Citizens have a right to respectful and responsive government. We must rebuild trust in city government. My administration will develop a growth and development plan with the input of residents, provide regular information about our progress as a city under this plan, and will insure public participation and transparency in all of our work.