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New Day Task Force Meetings Scheduled

(July 18th, Gary, Indiana) June 28th, Gary Democratic Mayoral Candidate, Karen Freeman Wilson, announced the formation of a task force that would
serve as advisors to her if she wins the race for Mayor of Gary. This task force has been charged with overseeing a variety of committees. These committees will host public meetings that address wide-spread community topics and issues.

In the interest of transparency, Freeman-Wilson wants the public engaged in this process. Below, is a listing of the committee's meetings scheduled to date:

Green Urbanism -

July 19th and July 26th, 6:00 p.m. Gary Public Library (Main) 220 W. 5th Ave.

Please take a moment to take the survey, Your feedback will shape our recommendations to Karen.

Government and Policy -

July 21st 5:30 p.m. Gary Public Library (Main) 220 w. 5th Ave.

Economic Policy -
July 21st 12:00 p.m. Woodson Branch Public Library 501 Lake St. Gary

Budget and Finance -

July 21st Ivy Tech, 5:30 p.m., 1440 E. 35th Ave.

Health and Social Services -

July 25th 4:00 p.m., (site not confirmed)

Public Safety -

July 28th 5:30 p.m.,  Main Library 220 W. 5th ave.


Karen Freeman-Wilson Announces New Day Task Force

Gary, In. June 28 - The Democratic Nominee for Mayor of Gary, Attorney Karen Freeman-Wilson, today announced the formation of a task force that would serve as advisors to her, if she wins the Gary mayoral race in November.

In a news conference, Freeman-Wilson says she is committed more than ever to the citizens of Gary. She says it is because of this commitment, and the grave challenges facing the city of Gary, that she cannot wait until after the election to start to address the city's problems. 

Anticipating some will view formation of this committee  as presumptuous, Freeman-Wilson states, "If I were to wait until November to announce a plan, specifically with the grave financial challenges that face us with the 2012 budget, it would be irresponsible because that would give us less than 90 days, many of them during the holiday season to prepare to govern."

Freeman- Wilson says this task force, will help prepare the plan for Gary's future and that it will be a transparent process and will not be created behind closed doors. She says this plan will have input from our citizens. "Transparency will be a hallmark of my administration ".

She further states, "nothing in this process is intended to undermine or displace the everyday operations of City Hall. Mayor Rudy Clay is the mayor of this city, and I have no intentions of second-guessing his decisions.  He and I speak often and agree that the city’s circumstances warrant a smooth and efficient transference of leadership."

The New Day Task Force

Leading the New Day Task Force, will be the Chair of the Executive Committee, Ron Sullivan, Ph.D., Gary native and Professor at Harvard University. He will oversee Government and Policy.

Bill Joiner, of the Regional Development Authority will serve as the Task Force Vice-Chair. He will oversee Transportation and Infrastructure.

Members of the Executive Committee will oversee additional working committees.

Executive Committee members include:

  • Sherma Wise Thomas - CEO, the Media Wise Companies. She will oversee Technology and Communications.
  • B.R. Lane- The Lane Group. She will oversee Green Urbanism and Parks and will double as the effort’s Project Manager.
  • Jill Ritchie - U. S. Steel. She will oversee Economic Development
  • Richard Pennington - Retired Police Chief Atlanta/New Orleans. He will oversee Public Safety.
  • Richard Leverett, Esq. He will oversee Education, as well as Government and Policy
  • Herb Hardwick,, Esq. He will oversee Finance and Budget
  • Lincoln Ellis, Northwest Indiana Boys and Girls Club/COFFY. He will oversee Health and Human Services.
  • Linda Key, Key West Enterprises. She will oversee Art and Culture.

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